Hot Oil Flushing for marine work

Recognising the port of Singapore’s role as South East Asia’s trade hub, Techenomics Singapore offers Hot Oil Flushing for marine work and offshore installations.

Hot Oil Flushing should be used during the commissioning of new vessels, as part of the vessel refurbishment process, cleaning of tankage and for cleaning of oil and fuel lines.

The problem

The primary cause of operational issues for marine and offshore hydraulic systems, which lead to maintenance downtime, and even equipment failure, is the presence of contamination in the system.

It is common for particles of grime, welding slag, worn metal, gasket pieces, sand, sealant, etc., to be present. These can cause sudden failure or damage to pumps, motors, valves, bearings, actuators and pistons. Contamination in the piping system and oil medium can clog the gaps between the housing and spool valves, resulting in leaking valves and malfunction of the hydraulic system.

It is vital that these systems are flushed prior to commissioning and during maintenance to ensure effective and efficient operation.

The solution

Techenomics has experience in this area and uses a specially designed, purpose-built unit to flush contaminants from piping systems. Utilising high turbulence oil velocity circulation, contaminants are trapped in the filter with clean oil then pumped back into the piping system to flush out any remaining contaminant.

The process is repeated until the system reaches the required NAS or ISO cleanliness level. An inline particle counter controls the cleanliness of the oil flushing medium. This is capable of identifying real time cleanliness levels of the piping system throughout the process.