Oil Analysis & Condition Monitoring Software

Mining Companies spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars on the maintenance of their mining equipment.
But what if you could prevent a lot of these maintenance costs, extend the life of your equipment, lower unscheduled downtime and save your company money?

Techenomics can help you do just that, with their fully integrated condition monitoring and oil analysis software package, Blue Oceans.
Blue Oceans is designed to allow maintenance personnel to schedule and record equipment maintenance, including the recording of all oil analysis results, lubricant and fuel usage, and monitor the wear on magnetic plugs and trays.

Results for each sample are reviewed, interpreted and managed by Blue Oceans condition monitoring software specialists and recommendations are given by trained technicians with a background in equipment maintenance and oil analysis.

Blue Oceans also manages the results of sample analysis for clients. With this software package, users can, in one place, easily track their past and present oil monitoring results. Trending tools are also available for ongoing condition monitoring, and oil and fuel analysis. Blue Oceans software also offers a flexible reporting format that can be modified to suit the specific needs of customers.

With Techenomics' Blue Oceans customised maintenance software, you have the ability to monitor and control all aspects of your lubrication usage, oil analysis, data trending, magnetic plug inspections, static wear tray monitoring and fuel usage.

Importing and Exporting Historical Data

Techenomics have multiple options for importing and extracting client’s historical oil analysis and condition monitoring data from either the existing company or from the Techenomics Blue Oceans database.
It is common for a company to request their historical data be sent to them electronically or posted. Techenomics can accept the historical data in almost any format such as csv, txt, xls and many more.

Historical data is owned by the client, not the company that has provided the work, some companies charge at rate to provide historical data, Techenomics do not charge, it is free and widely available for any client via the export methods in Blue Oceans.
In the worst case scenario, Techenomics can extract the history for pdf reports, this option is time consuming but very much possible.

Historical data importing times depends on the amount of data required to import as well as the formats provided, timings can range from within one week to two months, updates on the progress are provided throughout the importing stage.
Techenomics import client’s historical data free of charge.

See Blue Oceans in action below...

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