Techenomics helps keep Singapore moving

Want to get your oil working better and longer?
Singapore is part of Techenomics expanding network with the company's innovative, independent total fluid management solutions enabling equipment operators to predict maintenance issues before they lead to costly repairs and lost production.
Singapore is the world's busiest trans-shipment port and the major business, trade and industrial centre for South East Asia. Lubricants keep the wheels of this important hub turning - powering mining, industry, construction, energy and transport operations.
Techenomics presence in Singapore will help these cogs move more efficiently for longer so that equipment and plant operators can reduce time and costs of maintenance, increase productivity and gain more value for money.
The industry-leading fluid management services are complemented by the tungsten disulphide nano additives Techenomics also offers. When added to lubricants, these additives limit friction, lower operating temperatures and reduce wear, resulting in extended oil life and performance, longer component life and greater productivity.